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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 6, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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8:00 central of the sentencing of casey anthony live from florida. i'll see you for studio b and o'reilly sees you now. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i don't think she will be back in the neighborhood. there is too many angry people. >> bill: a national uproar over the acquittal of casey anthony. some believe she will be unable to even live in florida. the latest on what will happen to miss anthony. also, a special body language segment on the reaction to the verdict. >> i think she a compelling public figure. >> bill: why are so many democrats saying so many nice things about conservative michele bachmann, a tea party favorite? it doesn't make sense. dick morris will analyze. >> this is not going work. >> bill: and dennis miller with thoughts on the casey anthony acquittal. also, vice president biden saying some controversial things to union workers. >> i'm not supposed to say
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this. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dumb, beyond a reasonable doubt. as i said last night it would be unfair to disparage the jury in the case of casey anthony in the acquittal without first hearing from them. but they don't want to talk. who could blame them. acquitting this woman has caused a national outrage. so far, only one alternate juror has explained the acquittal. >> i don't think the prosecution was able to show how she died, what was the motive, what was the motivation. >> in your opinion, did casey anthony get away with murder? >> no, she did not get away with murder. >> bill: , again, it is hard to me to criticize that man, i
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don't know him. but i do know there was so much evidence in the case, so many bizarre things done by casey anthony that to let her walk away from the death of her two-year-old is astownding. it is astounding. the o.j. simpson jury did the same thing. simpson is now serving up to 33 years in a nevada prison for committing another crime. the frustrating thought about the caylee anthony murder is that justice is not being done. hopefully the little girl is in heaven and her killer will most likely go to hell. somebody got away with murder. there is no solution to the problem because human beings are fallible. took the jury just 11 hours to acquit the woman, apparently believing the prosecution did not meet its case. in america, is the burden of proof too high? have we become a nation that do not make judgments any more about behavior? is there always an excuse for everything jvment reasonable doubt was not raised by ms. anthony's lawyers. they correctly challenged the
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state'sed of but again expert witnesses, fbi people testified there was chloroform in ms. anthony's car along with a hair that matched those at the death site. the jury chose not to believe the experts. why? that combined with casey anthony's bizarre behavior, actions no innocent person would ever have taken, should have sealed her fate. the casey anthony verdict is a dark, dark day in american history, no question. and that is the memo. top story tonight, what about american juries? are they changing? with us now, criminal defense attorney jennifer berringer and anna seeg tha sigga-nicolazz gw we are seeing some things that have to do with the casey
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anthony case and some don't. jurors want different types of evidence. is the days of all of the crime shows on television. we have what lawyers call the csi effect. cases on television proven by laser beam trajectories and the specific typeface on a computer. laser beam recognition that can prove beyond all doubt without any possibility this is the person. that is not real but that is what the juries or the average person watches from all walks of life and so they expect it when you come into the courtroom. >> bill: juries have been in fectded by television and movies and internet. information that isn't really conceivable in most cases and they come in if they don't see that information they are liable to acquit. >> and that is it. there have been great leaps in forensics and other areas. we have dna. we have. >> but we had those leaps in this case. we had two fbi people come in say you know what, there was chloroform in the quar.
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you know what, there was a hair in the car that matched the hair of caylee anthony's death site and the jury said not going to believe you. i'm stunned. here is the two fbi guys. this is what they do. they are experts. the best in their field. they come in and look the jury in the eye and tell them that and the jury says not going to believe you. can you explain that? >> i had a feeling i think that everyone would agree with you on that. >> bill: would you agree with me thoon because you are consultant for her? >> i would not because that is not my area. >> bill: look, that is right, it is not my area either but there are two fbi guys telling you it happened, there it is. and then you have 12 americans going we don't believe you. why? >> i don't think and i can't speak for the jury but my guess is they didn't actually get to all of the issues that we were talking about, the chloroform. >> bill: they got to those issues. >> they got to was there a murder. before we can find a murderer
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we have to have a murder. >> bill: you ladies are much smarter than i am. simple man. i don't know how that baby died and nobody else does because the body was so decomposed the coroner couldn't find out. so nobody knew. but you got two guys that walk in and say here it casey anthony's sunbird, here is a hair, here is chloroform, both of which are found on caylee anthony's death site and the jury goes we don't care. what is that? >> you know, i think this jury made a very difficult decision, a very unpopular decision clearly. >> bill: it was a dumb decision based upon what i just said. >> we did have dueling experts. we put up experts that said exactly the opposite. >> you can guy that any time. these are fbi guys. >> this was science never brought in before. as anna was saying this is new stuff and never peer reviewed. >> new and novel doesn't make for junk science.
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>> bill: have you seen this in any of your cases when you brought if two experts from the fbi or cia or nsa or whatever and they look the jury in the eye and go this happened and the jury goes we don't care. >> i have been fortunate in my cases. >> bill: you have never seen that before? >> no, but i have seen juries struggle with it. and i have seen it in the course of my exreer in other cases. stwun comes isomeone comes in t but then we want more. we won't the whole package. >> we want more. you have a bizarre woman. you both concede bizarre woman. >> at best. >> bill: doing all kinds of stuff that no human being who is innocent would do. and then the two links that i said and the jury says we want more. is that a legitimate wish when there isn't any more. in. >> i think like you are talking it is evolving into this where we are expecting what i think are unreasonable expectations. i'm a big believer in the jury
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system. i dedicated my professional career to it and i think it is the best system there is. >> bill: there is no other system. >> with that people have to go back and say what is realistic. prove beyond a reasonable doubt is not to a mat mathematical certainty. it is to a reasonable doubt. look at what is reasonable here. look at that cause of death. is there any reasonable doubt that this girl was murdered? >> bill: no. >> whether it was a premeditated murder or her mother was trying to quiet her. >> bill: if the little girl drown as i think one of anthony's attorneys said happened, you don't put duct tape over a drowned girl's mouth so that is out the window. you are not responsible for the the defense lawyers, you are not. these people introduce all kinds of crazy stuff they couldn't back up like i said in the talking points memo. weren't you offended as an american who wants justice for caylee anthony? weren't you offended by that?
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i was offended by that. >> a lot of the things that jose brought up that he wasn't able to argue in closing by virtue of it being kept out by the judge and a lot of things that he knew couldn't come in. >> bill: the judge doesn't bar you unless you can't back it up. you can't back it up. >> and he didn't close on it. >> bill: they didn't close on it. >> they did not bring it into closing. >> bill: because they weren't allowed. isn't that corrupting the system 12346789. >> you are still sending it to the jury at the end. 12 people that don't have a take in the case that are in this case sequestered and in a vacuum and they just looked at lye evidence rather impartial and without emotion and came up with a verdict. i know that you have probably been hearing this for two days but the state had an incredible uphill battle. they didn't have the evidence. >> bill: i have no beef against casey anthony. i don't know the woman. i put it together as guilty. >> an odd family.
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>> bill: well, it is beyond that. we appreciate your expertise and i do agree that juries are changing in america. not for the better. we are asking you to vote in the new poll, do you believe that casey anthony is guilty or not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. want to see what the factor audience says thoon. go to bill ro o'reilly .com, cleese. and dennis miller with thoughts and the acquittal and we will have a special body language segment on the trial. next, bill clinton saying nice things about mitt romney and ma shawl barbman. why? dick morris has some thoughts after these messages.
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as we reported last week, big-time democrats saying nice things about gop challengers to president obama. enter bill clinton. >> i think governor romney is doing a better job this time than he did last time. more comfortable and seems to
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be willing to take some of the heat you get if you stand up to people in your own party that you think are in his case too far to the the right. but i don't know who is going to win. i think, you know, i'm not surprised that congress woman bachman is off to a good start because i think she is a compelling public figure. i don't agree with her on a lot of things but i think she comes across as real. >> bill: here to analyze, fox news analyst dick morris. what is up with this? why is he saying good things about romney and bachman. >> he suffers from add. if he isn't getting enough attention he is disordered. he is always saying stuff to try to keep his name public. there is a grand democratic strategy to try to stop romney from getting the republican nomination because i think he is the candidate they fear the most. what this dose when obama went out and he said mitt romney's healthcare plan is just terrific for massachusetts and
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now bill clinton is saying mitt romney wants to fight people who are too far to the right, both of those statements are, you know, poising kisses because they both are telling the republican primary voters don't trust this buy it. >> that is interesting. you say this is a concerted effort on the part of big-time democrats like president obama and bill clinton to praise mitt romney to damn him. >> well, it is not only that they are praising him. they are not saying oh, mitt romney would be a great president. >> bill: praising him on their terms. >> he likes health care. >> bill: it is to give him the back knee. >> to kill him, to stop. set candidate most likely to beat obama. >> bill: but michele bachmann is in a different category. she is the tea party person. why is she compelling to bill clinton who couldn't get more opposite than the tea party? >> i think he just said that because he thought it and he felt it. >> bill: that she is a good
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candidate, a good campaigner. >> that she is charismatic and gets a lot of attention. i think that they are not hoping for michele bachmann. i think they are afraid of mitt romney. >> bill: i wrote a column and it will be out tomorrow that -- and this could be -- this is speculation which i usually don't do but it is educated speculation that the democratic party hates sarah palin so much that they are using michele bachmann to hammer palin because they know there is not room for both of them. so they are boosting up congress woman bachman to just make sure that sarah palin doesn't get in the race. >> when barack obama goes to sed at night if he says prayer one of them is for sarah palin to be the republican nomination. >> bill: it is not barack obama. don't you agree with me that the person the de democrats and liberal americans hate the most is sarah palin. she replaced george w. bush. >> and she is kind of for the left wing what hillary clinton was for the right. >> so it is personals.
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>> i think sarah palin in a broader sense is locked into a virtual primary with michelle balk map. every time we hear bachman speak we say wow, that breadth of information and experience and she is a formidable woman. >> bill: a new poll in new hampshire has unfavorable ratings of sarah palin at 52% among republicans and only 23% unfavorable for m ma sell mich. she is impressive and knowledgeable and able. >> bill: you going to do polling throughout the election season. >> yes. jewish: that shows juicish americans may be bailing on president obama stvment. >> in 2008, he got 78% of the
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jewish vote. if the election were 4e8 held y against a generic republican he would be down 22 points. when you ask jewish voters do you support israel returning to its 196 1967 1967 borders theye it. and if you ask is obama too biased against israel. 39 say yes and 30 say no. so for the first time there is an indication that the jews who are are obama's financial base and a big part of the democratic party's political base are beginning to bail out on him. >> bill: anthat means that florida and new jersey might be impacted. not a lot of jewish americans, 3% of the population, but they do hold sway in florida and new jersey. >> there are three swing states. ohio, florida and new jersey. new jersey has become a little bit more democrat. when i worked for clinton in
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the '96 election it was florida and new jersey. then it became ohio, florida and a little bit less, new jersey. strong -- a failure of a strong jewish vote for obama could cost him both florida and new jersey. >> bill: dick morris. dickmorris .com. >> you can get the whole poll on my website. >> bill: that is what i just said, dickmorris .com. we live there. is the add true? brit hume has thoughts on that. and then, is casey anthony in daing ferraro shin danger if s released tomorrow? there is growing anger in florida, coming up. [ male announcer ] everywhere your pet goes
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>> bill: republicans already rolling out big-time attack ads against president obama. >> he promised to change direction. $800 billion in stimulus. trillion for government healthcare. 2 million jobs gone. left turn after left turn. america's headed the wrong way fast. 6 million foreclosures. 14 thi14 trillion in debt. 500 billion in higher taxes and the worst long-term unemployment in again raibs. don't let obama drive us to disaster, change directions. >> bill: like smoky and the
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bandit. we did a factor fact check on the ad. the gop exaggerated the fore cleeseure because they included notices in the stat and the 500 billion takes into account the proposed obama care taxes that have not taken effect. joining us is fox news senior political analyst brit hume. that is what is coming, the gop are going to run on the economy saying this guy is, you know, just blowing the country up and we got to get rid of him. i think it is as simple as that, right? >> well, the economy is clearly the main issue. augmented to come extent by public anxiety over spending and debt which you saw reflected in the ad as well. these are points of vulnerability for the president for sheur an sure. and the rnc with that ad, although it will probably get more exposure on this and other programs. >> bill: here is the problem
8:23 pm
with the ads because the democrats will have their own ads saying no, the economy is great and we add this and that and you can't believe the stats because once you get into those kinds of stats as we pointed out you can use a lot of stuff that really isn't true. >> bill, i don't disagree with that. you can do that but the ex-age raikseexaggerations that you pd out were as politicians go, pretty minor jirks don't know how you can do an ad that would convince anybody that the economy is great and they have done wonderful things for it. i think that is a nonstarter. >> bill: you know that the democrats are going to say we took over a depression, a coming depression and then we have done x and that is why we are not in a depression that we would have been in because of president bush. that is how they going to reply to that. i'm wondering whether americans will tune all of that stuff out, i don't know. >> i think that is true to some extent. i would rather think, bill, rather than doing a lot of ads in which they are trying to defend the record that the
8:24 pm
president has made over these past two years what he and his campaign and his party will do instead is to attack the republican nominee whoever he or she may be because they want to make the election be about the republican nominee, not about the president. >> bill: that's impossible. that can't happen. >> look, i don't -- i don't think it going to be easy but i think that is what they are going to try to do. >> bill: it as referendum on him. >> i think that is likely to be the outcome as well that it will be a referendum on h him. >> bill: i agree with morris that because he is a guy who is going to be harder to demon nice, romney, pirkly for in de-- particularly for independent voters than the other candidates. it was interesting i thought that bill clinton went out of his way to praise michele bachmann. and as i told morris who
8:25 pm
disagrees with me, i think a lot has to do with sarah palin that the democrats dislike her so much, even though she might be a weaker candidate than michele bachmann, they would rather see bachman than palin. >> they see them as similar if not equivalent. for a crafty political operator like bill clinton it is a little hard for me to imagine that he really thinks that michelle bachman is a truly impressive person. in many ways she truly is an impressive person. i suls spect what thinks and that a lot of democrats think in the end she would prove much as sarah palin did in the end toxic to independents who would think she was too much. >> bill: too far right. >> and too prone to saying peculiar things that are off base and so on that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of ridicule that sarah palin got. >> bill: you think in the world
8:26 pm
of presidential politicians that bill clinton put this out there because the democrats want michele bachmann to be the nominee because she is easier to beat than, say, a romney would be? >> i think that is a more likely -- to the extent that he was being political about it at all, i think that is a more plausible explanation than dick morris offered where -- dick is always interesting but i think he is not always right because i think he thinks michele bachmann is dazzling and so he thinks that bill clinton thinks that. i'm skeptical of that. >> bill: this is becoming a very boring story but it is an important story with the debt ceiling thing. and i'm sparing the fact of viewers the back and forth that means nothing. have you seen any positive developments that anything it going to get done? >> i think something is now more likely than not to get done and likely something fairly major for two reasons.
8:27 pm
the republicans want it and need it to vindicate what they promised to the electorate that they would o do and for president obama this would be a huge plus and here is why. he doesn't have any new economic program he can interdeuce now and have any hope of getting passed. one of the issues that hurt him and his party badly in the mid term this was enormous accumulating debt and these deficits. if he is able to work out with republicans a deal in which a significant inroad is made on the deficits and debt that will be a feather in his cap with voters that he must have next year. that is the independents who desserted him and his party in 200. it will be one more thing as well. it will be a bipartisan deal. independent voters love bipartisan achievements >> it would be a feghter i feas
8:28 pm
cap. it wouldn't be that much help to republicans although -- >> bill: if the republicans walk out with no tax rise then they win at least some cred. >> they need to dut th cut the deficit. >> bill: comes down to no tax increase against cutting programs. >> they could probably swallow minor tax increases to give the president some sort of figure leaf with his base but the persons who will not be much help by such a deal will be the two players on the republican ticket for whom an issue will have been taken off the table and that is deficits and debt. >> bill: anger growing in florida against casey anthony. will she be able to even live in the state if she is released tomorrow? also, dennis miller with some thoughts about the anthony verdict. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning?
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bill just a few moments after casey anthony was acquitted, some florida residents took to the streets. >> i don't think she will be back in the neighborhood. there is too many angry people. too many angry people. to me it would be dangerous. i wouldn't know, i mean the reaction sometimes when people get mad they react and who knows what can happen. so i wouldn't move back into the neighborhood. >> bill: ms. anthony could be released from jail tomorrow. she faces four years for the lying conviction and already served three. joining us from orlando, holly bristow. tomorrow, the judge will sentence her on the lying convictions four of them. is there any buzz about what is likely to happen? >> you know, anything could happen at this point. it is all up to the judge, bill. she could walk out the front -- walk down the front steps of the courthouse. she could be escorted out of a
8:32 pm
backdoor if he decides to let her free tomorrow. she could go back to the jaild and be released from there or spend up to another year and a half to four years in jail. depends on what the judge decides. >> bill: how could she spend four if she spent three already and the top jail count on each of the lying charges is one. four years. four minus three is one. the most she could serve would be one, right? >> i think you just busted me on the reason i'm not working on wall street. you're right on that. >> bill: i'm a simple man that is not good at mathematics but the most she could get from the judge is one year which i think she is going to get. i don't think the judge is going to let her walk out but i could be wrong. she could appeal the lying convictions and then be offered bail and walk out. a lot of things could happen. you heard the guy in the neighborhood say look, if this woman thinks she is going back to the neighborhood and live
8:33 pm
like she did before the whole case she is out of her mind. have you heard that? >> i have heard different things from different sources. i'm told that she will be whisked away from here and taken far, far away and pop up when she gets some kind of big deal for an interview, meaning big monetary deal for some sort of exclusive interview. i'm told there is a possibility depending if they give her probation that she won't be able to leave the state of florida. her parents haven't exactly said what their plans are if she is welcome back in the home or not. this is all just one huge question at this point. >> bill: the state has to protect her, casey anthony, the taxpayers have to protect her so theyville to have police around her. gett let her walk out and get in a car and drive away. there is way too much probability that something bad might happen to the woman so we want to establish that. in the community where you live, holly, down in orlando,
8:34 pm
is the prevailing wisdom that this woman got away with murder? is that what everybody is saying? >> for the most part, yes. i mean i have met a couple of casey supporters but i would say maybe two out of the 50 that have expressed their opinions to me. from the front steps of the courthouse to the homeless man on the corner. i saw two homeless men arguing the verdict screaming at each other. >> bill: nice to know they have cable that they can get all of the information. finally, we hear there is a lot of money being spread around already by media agencies trying to buy the jurors to come on and talk to them and we assume that there will be money offers to everybody in the anthony family including casey which will be appalling but i think it will happen. >> it is sounding like that is going happen. i spoke with the assistant of a big-time agent out of new york and he is now representing jose baez.
8:35 pm
i asked him if his agent is also going to be representing casey anthony. he told me he couldn't comment on that. i do know that the anthonys have been offered big-time deals for an exclusive interview and they haven't quite narrowed it down who they will be talking to yet. interesting to see. i want to know what that check is going to look like, bill. >> bill: they won't be talking to me, i'm not paying them anything. >> me either. >> bill: we always appreciate it. thanks for your good work during the entire trial. when we come right back, itle be miller time. casey anthony. vice president biden and the hot dog eating king all on his own. miller is next. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua
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8:38 pm
this, miller, but i do want to hear your perspective on it. so go? >> well, i think the system held up in one regard. you are guaranteed a jury of our peers and she is a moron and they found 12 other morons to form a moron baker's dozen down there. i think it should be like the nfl where you get the red flag and during the case if you hear something that you don't like you can stop it right there and go i'm voting guilty right now and i would have stopped it when they said her two-year-old was lost and she waited 30 days to call the cops. i would have thrown my flag and said guilt. i don't even need to know what the rest of it is, give her some time. anybody who waits 30 minutes, much less 30 days she is guilty of something. i don't quite know what it is but something rotten in denmark. >> can you think back to when you were growing up in pittsburgh. think back that far? >> well. >> bill: and when you were -- and i was in the the same boat
8:39 pm
when we lied or we were caught stealing or we did something untoward, there was a consequence. there was a consequence. and it was we had excuses and all that and parents just went hey, this is what is going happen to u, this is why you did what you did. in the ensuing five decades or whatever it has been, it has broken down in america and this is what i think the problem is. that we have very, very we the people, american people have a very hard time making judgments about bad behavior now. we have every excuse in the book. you have to show me. and it is not enough for somebody to be as you put it so callous, so irresponsible. that is not enough for these people. they need a videotape of her actually putting the duct tape on the baby's face. >> it has got to be like the kid is arch duke ferdinand and the mother is, you know, it has got to be documented historically before they will
8:40 pm
find her guilty. anybody can use that. use your head. what people are getting mixed up on is beyond a reasonable doubt is now they have gotten into silly serv servitude. of course, something happened here. i guess the current thing in american justice is to make your crime so unfathomable, so depraiived, so insane that other human beings can't bring themselves to even consider it. >> bill: an excellent point. look back at michael jackson's acquittal. look at o.j. simpson's acquittal and this acquittal here you have that same common thread that these people no, o.j. simpson couldn't have, oh, no, michael jackson couldn't have molested, oh, know no, nos mother couldn't have done that. you go yeah, psychopaths can. >> you have to roll the dice on the grand all. that will spring you because noble will be able to get the
8:41 pm
unfathomable together. take all three people now and water board them until somebody caves in and tells us what happened and why that kid is dead today. it is a bad day for america. >> bill: one juror talking to abc news. she says we don't know how she was murdered so therefore we can't connect the rest of the dots. we never established a pattern of murder so we can't do it and there is a reasonable doubt pops up. a little girl obviously was murdered, you don't wind up in a swamp by accident with duct tape on your face when you are two. but they couldn't or wouldn't see who was behind this. and you and i both know who was. >> you got to love the alternative juror who spoke up right away, number 14. can you imagine what a genius you have to be not to make this team? this isn't exactly the '27 yankees. he couldn't crack the show down there. the 142 14th juror had an opinn
8:42 pm
and said she was not guilty, too. >> bill: they all o concurred. senar biden -- senator biden? vice president biden. big union guy. and the obama biden ticket needs the union people. so the vice president did address the union in this way. roll the tape. >> don't any of you, by the way, and you guy guy -- any ofu guys vote republican. this isn't political. i'm not supposed to say this. let me put it this way -- don't come to me if you do! [ laughter ] >> you're on your own, jack. >> bill: with the tie combination he looked like mo green out there. remember mo green from the godfather. >> little did all of the teamsters realize that jimmy hoffas a body is buried in joe
8:43 pm
biden's hair plugs. he knew his own i.q. the first day he was able to apply for that knowledge. he is one of those guys who spends his whole life saying hey, you let me tell you something and then he never tells you something. he is a functionary. he is a lap dog for barack obama. he sends him out to curry favor with the individual groups they will need to amalgamate because the rest of us the nonunion members who want to form a union because the whole thing is not working, we are not getting it any more. >> bill: the thinly veiled reference was interesting. if you don't vote for us don't dom plain because we are in the -- complain because we are in the tank for you and the other party isn't. i thought that was quite interesting. >> biden knows where his bred's buttered and it would be fitting if he went out and did this dirty work and then they told him down the road we got to get rid of you because you are emblematic of what a hack insider job we turned into,
8:44 pm
joe, you got to go. >> no, they will stay together. love will keep them together. >> bill: nathan's famous hot dogs and they have a little hot dog eating contest, this is barbaric, of course. and joe. explain it to me.estnut won ag. >> the same reason you climb everest. it is there. bespeaks to america's greatness that is thin guy can go out on the boardwalk and throw down 64 frankfurters in ten minutes. it is why we are great. our fat people are husky and you know something, i like the fact that they shoved the asian kid out of the equation. >> bill: that's right. they wouldn't let kobayashi compete. they threw him out because of
8:45 pm
some reason. >> anyway. >> what happened to our world? >> bill: how many hot dogs, the most hot dogs you have eaten in one sitting. >> 68 but i wasn't entered in the competition. i got a leg that is filled request beef casing! >> bill: i don't know what is happening either, miller. you and i are the only sane people. there are a few tickets remaining for the bold and fresh show. saturday, august 20. our debut performance on sale. also today tickets on sail at mohegan sun in connecticut. saturday, october 29th. last year beck and i sold that place out. it was wild and should be again this year. check all of the live stuff out at bill o'reilly .com. in a moment, body language. the casey anthony trial edition. and then -- why is this attorney giving america the finger? we'll deal with it in pinheads and patriots, upcoming. psst.
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>> bill: back of the book segment. body language. the casey anthony acquittal edition. ms. on they any a and thoughtho the verdict. >> we the jury find the
8:49 pm
defendant not guilt. >> so say we all dated at orlando, orange county, florida, on this 5th day of july. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as a count 2, we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all dated at orlando, orange county, florida, this fist day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. >> you may be seated. this court is in recess. >> bill: the only thing i said about this yesterday so you know is that when the jury came in and the verdict was about to be read i watched her very intently on the live broadcast, the live feed. she looked like to me that she was expecting to be convicted. >> it is interesting because i have watched this case from the beginning to the end and what we saw was casey anthony devoid of most emotions -- the only emotions were anger and sometimes a little flirtation before the jury would get in. yesterday there was nail biting and fidgeting and moving all over and you didn't see that
8:50 pm
throughout the entire case. she i think expected to be convicted of something. what we see here, though is, interesting because she went from this kind of like this small microexpression of a smile. shows a few different emotions and then winds up with an expression of sadness and you can see that in the eyebrows. could be relief but there was sadness involved in the last look as well. >> i have to believe it is relief she will not be in jail for the rest of her life. >> and doesn't make eye contact with the jury until it is read and she recognized that they said not guilty and then looks over to the jury which i found interesting. >> now, the defense attorney baez, he obviously had a lot to say after the verdict. roll the tape on that. >> i think that this case is a perfect example of why the death penalty does not work. and why we all need to stop and look and think twice about a country that decides to kill
8:51 pm
its own citizens. the best feeling that i have today is that i know i can go home and my daughter will ask me what did you do today and i can say i saved a life. >> bill: looks to me like he is a little congressy. >> he has bee been cocky and aw grant throughout. everybody is mer mirroring him. watch mason. he is looking over. the only one not fully engaged. >> bill: the guy with the beard. he is bored with it. >> he thinks hey, i'm the power person here. >> maybe not, though. maybe he thinks that baez is grandstanding about the beth penalty. >> he grandstanded. did you hear him? >> bill: he was the media attack dog. baez you say throughout the trial was cocky and arrogant.
8:52 pm
>> he would smirk and shake his head. you are not supposed to display emotions and did he nothing but. >> bill: the alternate juror. roll the tape, please. >> the prs keution didn't provide the evidence that was there for any of charges first-degree murder down to second-degree murder to the child abuse and even the man manslaughter. it just wasn't there. i would say also this is a dysfunctional family that is hurting and because they were so ti dysfunctional that that s the way they dealt with their issues and their problems. and it as shame because it was an accident that became a murder scene. >> bill: how do you know it was an accident? >> that is what was so interesting. an accident that became a murder scene. >> bill: how does he know it was an accident? >> the first sentence he says is didn't provide evidence. that was there. right there there is a
8:53 pm
disconnect. if the evidence was there but you know it was there they just didn't provide it then you recognize that evidence was there. i think he wanted his few minutes. you see the eyes widen in excitement when talks about how dysfunctional the family is >> bill: is he really that dumb? can you tell if somebody is dumb by their body language? >> we bon won't go there. >> if the verbals and nonverbals are constantly out of synch. >> it wasn't that they were out of synch. his mouth went sideways and he had the head tilt. he said i really don't know. >> bill: he said it was an accident. >> and right before that he went i don't know. he doesn't know. but he said everything to point to the evidence was there. >> bill: i don't think this was well or methodically thought out by the jury. could be wrong. ton yarks alwaytonya, always ak
8:54 pm
you. why is this attorney, the guy we just talked about, giving america the finger? we'll discuss that in just a few moments. ♪ ...immune function... ♪ ...healthy skin... and help protect your cells from environmental stress. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. the complete benefits of centrum. and if you're over 50, discer the age-adjusted benefits of centrum silver.
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring a very angry attorney. >> but first you have to get the navy seals 1, bin laden 0 shirts. we've sold more than 10,000. all the money goes to charity. i can't thank you enough. if you sign up for a premium membership you get the t-shirt and keychain, free. fabulous deal. >> now the mail:
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>> bill: i don't want to imagine it roger. >> bill: that's what we do here patty, thank you for noticing.
8:58 pm
>> bill: actually that -- we have the smartest audience in tvland john, i've always said that. >> finally pinheads and patriots defense attorney cheney mason, vented his anger toward the media yesterday after his client was acquitted. angry because he believes the press convicted ms. anthony in their coverage. i have some sympathy for the counselor because the american media will say anything these days. but i believe he was giving me the finger as well. because i am thoroughly convinced that his client is a killer. mr. mason is entitled to his opinion, as am i.
8:59 pm
his general disapproval the media is patriotic. the middle finger demonstration was pinheaded and immature. vote on on whether you believe casey and the nerded her daughter? is she guilty or not guilty of murder? that is it for us tonight check out the fox news pack for web state different from -- sound off about the factor from me where in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. do not be splenetic, oh new wore. if you know what that means you are good. i had to look it up. good word. don't be that. again, thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill o'reilly remember the


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